State-Level Writing Contest Awards Got To Bay College Students

Bay College in Michigan annually takes part in the Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) Writing Competition. Any student could submit up to three entries in each categories, which were fiction, essay, and poetry, during the fall semester. The best two entries in each category proceeded to the state contest.

Kayla Johnson and Nichola Folcik won state-level prizes this year. Kayla got a first prize of $150 in poetry, while Nicholas was a runner-up in essay writing and received $100.

Kayla Johnson is a sophomore Bay student from Idaho. After graduation she is aimed to go to Nothern Michigan University to attain a Bachelor’s degreein Social Work. She wants to become a social worker for Child Protective Services. Her hobbies are drawing, snowboarding, playing music and, or course, writing.

Molly Campbell, who works as a Bay College Political Science Instructor, acted as a faculty sponsor for the contest. Cambell said Kayla held great potential as she knew how to make up fascinating visual images and evoke strong emotions with her writing. Johnson, Campbell continued, always referred to today’s social issues.

The judges of the competition also mentioned Johnson as a talent who had great vocabulary command and excellent narrative skills. "The writer does not simply take us through an experience, but also on a journey," one of the judges said.

Nicholas Folcik wants to enter Michigan Technological University after Bay College to hold a degree in mechanical engineering. Development of logistical and construction equipment is what he is fond of, but he mentions he does not mind trying something else.

His essay was considered by the LAND judges an interesting combination of metaphor, simile, and internal monologue, which makes the reader want to keep on.

The very award ceremony will take place on February 17 at the Shoreline Inn in Muskegon, Michigan.