Best Online Jobs for College Students

Balancing college and work helps tons of students to cover school expenses. It is difficult, though, to find a well-paid job and still manage the studies. The best solution is to work from home. When you work online, you can plan your own convenient schedule and have time for school. With the following list of the best online jobs you can manage your time wisely and earn enough money.

1. Online Tutor

Pay: $13-$19/hour or more

Why don’t you use your knowledge to your own advantage? Teach others and become an online tutor. Help your peers with studies or start a tutoring business with K-12 students. You can also focus on things you are good at, like arts, music, dancing, and fashion. Become a tutor in any area you want.

How Do I Start?

You can check out services like Wyzant or This is a good starting point for your tutoring business. Don’t forget about creating your courses and selling them through Skillshare or Udemy.

2. Social Media Manager

Pay: $15-$40/hour

If you are looking for a job that is fun and well-paid, this one is definitely for you. You create eye-catching content and communicate with the followers. It is also an easy way to earn a buck.

How Do I Start?

The best way is to connect directly with the company you want to work for. You can also post your resume on job boards. However, it may take a while until somebody notices you.

3. Resume Writer

Pay: $15-$25/hour

Help people create and polish their resumes. For someone it is not as simple as it seems to you.

How Do I Start?

You can first help you friends and acquaintances looking for internships or summer jobs. Later on check these sites where you can find a resume writer position: ResumeEdge and WriterBay. Make sure that you are good enough, as the competition is quite tough.

4. Blogger

Pay: varies

Pick a hobby you have. Make it a valuable content for readers and write about it on your blog. If your blog is popular and authoritative, you can make money through relevant advertising. You can either affiliate marketing or use sponsored posts. It is a good way of a passive income, while your readers just visit your website.

How Do I Start?

Read about starting a blog on the Internet. There are lots of tips on how to choose content, how to write a convincing title and how to earn money on that.

5. Freelance Writer or Editor

Pay: $50+ per article

Plan your schedule, set your own rates and choose a job you like. That is how freelance writing works. It is about flexible hours and good money. If you do not have enough time for writing, try editing or proofreading.

How Do I Start?

Check out Make a Living Writing community developed to help freelance writers. Its founder Carol Tice keeps the list of awesome websites for freelance writers.

6. Micro-Freelancer

Pay: $5-$50 per gig

Help to do simple and short assignment. You spend little time, but earn $5. Little gains make heavy purses.

How Do I Start?

You can pick gigs for $5-$50 at Gigbucks. You can also check Fiverr where you can get really creative and sell something fun and bizarre.

7. Genealogist

Pay: varies $70-$700 per project

If you are into genealogy, you can truly earn a buck. There are lots of people ready to pay you for helping them with their family trees. As you can see, the rates truly vary, so choose a project and start working.

How Do I Start?

You can create your own website page, or leave your services at freelance boards.

Choose your freelance job: have your schedule flexible and your pockets deep.