Chinese Language Students Awarded In Essay Writing Competition

Eight students from Chinese classes in Harvard-Westlake School recently got their awards after they had took part in an essay writing contest that was run by the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools.

There were three categories: the regular one, the heritage one, and the immersion program. Every student from the school get an award in a category they had submitted their works to.

The subject of an essay was a person that influenced them.

The students were graded for the way they understood the topic, the ideas they presented, vocabulary, grammar and syntax.

There were three different awards: ‘Gold Apple,’ ‘Silver Apple,’ and Honorable Mention. The main prize, ‘Gold Apple,’ went to an 18-year-old Diego Ayala. Tierni Kaufman and Sarah Moon, 19-year-olds, got a ‘Silver Apple.’ Two more students, Strauss Cooperstein, 18, and Asher Vogel, 19, won Honorable Mentions in the regular advanced category. The Honorable Mentions in the heritage advanced category went to other three, Sarah Wilen, 19, Francis de Beixedon, 19, and Charlie Meenaghan, 19.

Asher Vogel said he had worked hard to write an essay and that was worth it. "I just wanted to write one that could be read by more people," Asher explained why he decided to take part in the contest.

Chinese teacher Kun Li said that the contest itself was an opportunity for the students to show their level of proficiency in the Chinese language, which they had been studying for several years.

Li said he was very proud of his students who took part in the contest because he wanted his students to feel that they had achieved a lot after three years of leraning Chinese. "It is a good opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency level on a bigger stage outside school."

The competition not only helped to prove essay writing skills but also gave the students a chance to show what people had influenced their lives.

Kaufman, one of the competitors, said he was glad to be able to write fluently in Chinese. She chose her dad as a person that influenced her, but she also mentioned her mother, who is Chinese, which resulted in an interesting combination.