Google Apps for Education: Bring Knowledge to Everyone

We live in times of constant changes. Thanks to technological progress and new devices that appear every day, we have facilitated our routine activities, enhanced scientific research as well as education at school and university.

It is impossible to imagine modern world without the Internet, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Mainly we use all that for entertainment. But why not use them for studying and get some advantage?

Our world is full of possibilities a number of which grow day by day. If you want to keep up with modern tendencies, you just have to use new software programs and tools during classes.

Being a teacher means not only knowledge transfer, but also organization of a class, communication with students, and, what is more, constant motivation. You cannot step back. It’s time to move forward and make your classes even better than they were yesterday.

Google offers the G Suite tools for education. Theseservices can be used at schools and universities by both teachers and students, as they are:

- free of charge – 24/7 access and support, your data is secure;

- as easy as piece of cake – you can store files, edit them and share with your class in real time;

- suitable for any device – no matter whether it is a laptop or a smartphone, with the Internet connection you can work and study anywhere anytime.

Let’s talk about G Suite tools in brief and see how they can be applied to education.

Google Class

The first tool in the list is Google Class. Google team has designed it to enhance the level of effectiveness of classes. Now it is easier to communicate with students and control their progress on the subject. A teacher can set up a course, hang out materials and assignments, as well as check them and comment. Forget about piles of copybooks, it’s in the past now. Speaking of students, they can contact teachers directly or get in touch with their classmates. Apart from this, all kinds of files can be attached, including the ones from Disc and Google Documents.


Why is the Gmail system that popular? The answer is obvious: it is easy to use. This is your wisely organized mailbox that can help you do more than you think.


Now you don’t have to spend time on sending files to every single student, just provide them with access and that’s it. The cloud is one of the most essential tools nowadays, as you don’t have to carry loads of books and papers with you. The only thing you need is the Internet connection.

Google Calendar

The high level of organization is a halfway to success. Schedule your classes and meetings, don’t miss on important things. You can create invitations for meetings, share them or invite other users, etc.


You want a website for your class? You don’t need to be a web designer to create one. Google Sites is a tool that will help you create an impressing site to post all sorts of information for your classes. Students would like to check updates and learn something new. It is also suitable for projects and team work.


Any time you need to meet someone face-to-face use Hangouts. It is a perfect solution for group video calls during classes or meetings. Quick questions can be answered by voice or text.

Docs, Sheets & Slides

Classes cannot go without docs, spreadsheets or presentations. Every teacher and student can use these tools individually or in collaboration.


In case some data have to be preserved and saved, use Vault to archive emails, docs, chats, etc. Sometimes you need to go back to previously used materials. Thus,it is an excellent service for this kind of services.

Google Groups

Google Groups allows you to have group discussions on the topic, projects, etc. Bring together your class or department via this tool.

The G Suite is a set of tools that will definitely improve your classes, as well as communication and collaboration among students. It is your way to great time management. Make changes and your students want to learn more with a little help of modern software technologies.