How Discovery Education Streaming Works

Computers came into widespread usage not that long time ago, but they have changed a lot in our everyday life. Nowadays the majority of people have their own laptops or other devices that are used for studies or at work. Different programs facilitate communication, enable video calls or store all necessary information available for sharing and editing anywhere anytime.

A great number of tools and apps are just there for entertainment. But there is some software that can be used for studies and bring education to the new level. These tools make teachers’ life easier and students’ more interesting. Learning process requires constant changes to keep students motivated, inspired and interested. Teachers tend to use various tools, and one of them is Discovery Education streaming.

Once launched in 2001, Discovery Education streaming is a widely used tool in a great number of schools all across the USA. Statistics shows that around 1 million scholars and 30 million students use this app during classes. The main purpose of the program is to stream videos. Apart from this, teachers and students can find useful lesson plans and extra materials here.

The basis of Discovery Education streaming consists of thousands of clips and full-length movies provided by Discovery, BBC, NASA, Scholastic, and PBS. In case you think this is not enough, you can use Discovery Education streaming Plus. It has even bigger selection of videos and materials, the number of which goes over 170 thousand.

This is a perfect tool to search for videos and materials on specific topics. The basic package consists not only of videos, but also includes images, audio, interactive atlas and encyclopedia articles. Both state and home schools can use the service and evoke love to studies of their students.

Discovery Education streaming is a well-organized app, as videos and materials are grouped according to the subject, theme, grade level and curriculum standard. You can easily search for videos by keywords and other settings. One more advantage is that it suggests how videos can be included into lesson plans (which are also provided on Discovery Education streaming).

Discovery Education streaming is not just a video storage. It has other useful tools:

  1. Quiz builder: teachers can check how well students have understood a subject and check their knowledge with multiple-choice quizzes. Scholars can view the results of their students, as the tests are checked automatically.
  2. Writing prompts: worksheets are essential part of every class, here you can find a whole library of prompts or create your own one for your students.
  3. Editable videos: edit videos, so they suit your lesson plan.
  4. Professional Development: learn more on how technologies can be used and incorporated into classes
  5. Discovery Educator Network: professional development within one click. Join other educators and enhance your knowledge.

Use the calendar, the assignment builder and the grade book to keep all things organized. Teachers love those as they make a lesson much more interesting, active and organized.

In order to use Discovery Education streaming a classroom should be wired. The users can access the information and files in the program via streaming and downloading. The former is suitable for video watching in the class, and once a video is downloaded, it can be inserted into presentations, used offline, etc.

Although program license might seem to be costly, think of all the benefits your school will get with this education tool. Today students are more demanding to classes, so scholars and schools should stay updated in order to motivate and inspire kids. The service will definitely enhance students’ results and their knowledge on various subjects.