Lifehack For Active Student Life And High Grades

University life opens a load of opportunities. Apart from various courses available there, you will meet a lot of people from different cities with different views. You might make friends with some of them in a while, however studying can take a lot of time and money. No wonder. Your future career depends on how you study and what knowledge you acquire. You don’t want to explain to your parents why you failed and thus have to take some lousy job.

And it is no wonder you are going to have to make a decision. There are only two options. The first one — you take all your books and build a fortress of them so that nothing and nobody could distract you from studying. You ignore any invitation to a party because knowledge is more important. There will be time for fun in future.

The second — you don’t quite care about your studies as these are the best years of your life. You definitely aren’t going to waste them. There is a party at your classmate’s home? Sure, why not? A three-day trip to the ocean? I’m already packing!

As you already understood, there are two ways your student life can take – an impeccable student with honors or another guy who cuts loose and ends up with nothing. But who says you can’t combine those?

The rumor has it that every student has to choose one out of three possible options: get enough sleep, good grades, or active social life. It is believed to be impossible to have all of that. But if you remember that the most intelligent people were working hard and have some time to hang out, do sports, etc. The problem is that most people think there is not enough time to do everything. But in fact, it’s only laziness and inability to organize your day. Each of us has the same amount of time. Whether you have a normal social life and good grades depends solely on you.

If you are aimed at having fun without falling behind in studying, we have a few pieces of advice for you.

Make New Friends

You don’t think that getting yourself surrounded by books is fun, right? What is more, hanging out with your school friends won’t make any difference. If you want to feel university life fully, you should make friends with people you don’t know yet. So to speak, you have to get out of your comfort zone for a while. Thus, you can discover yourself more and others can get to know you better.

Perhaps the best way to meet new people is to visit some of those freshmen parties. They usually take place in the first week of a semester. In fact, the start is always easy, so take a chance to make friends with as many people as possible. Don’t be afraid to go to a party — you won’t be the only one who doesn’t know anyone there. Besides, you can invite some of your classmates out for a coffee. You must have something to talk about.

But you should not limit your new acquaintance to only communication. The university offers a lot of opportunities to realize your ambitions. If you have something in mind, try to find like-minded people and get together to think over the way how to fulfill your ideas and carry our some kind of project. However, there can be some groups that might interest you in what they do. Join one, fresh minds are always needed.

Organize Your Social Life

Sometimes when young people enter university and see how many opportunities are there, they try to join as many groups and visit as many courses as possible. But in the end, they realize they are not able to be everywhere (we don’t even dare to talk about succeeding in any). Usually different courses take place at the same time, so there is no way you visit both. Besides, when you have a part-time job, your ambitions will eventually calm down.

It’s great that you can boast you are attending so many courses (which is not true), but it will make people consider you uncertain about what you want to do. First of all, you have to prioritize your needs for the future. The Lord of the Rings geek meetings are great, but will you take something useful out of that? You should write down what you want to achieve and what you need for that. Then you will be able to sort out the things that won’t be of any help to you.

It is said that a person can maintain only five close friendship at once. And these five friends actually shape that person. That is why you should carefully decide who to make friends with. It would be best if you picked those with the same or similar views so that all of you could follow the same principles.

Start Is Important

Your parents paid good money to make sure you got an education, or at least someone did, so you’ll want good results to show as a return for their investment. But during this whirlwind of new experiences, where would you even find the space of mind to squeeze in good, effective studying?

Higher education is far from affordable so you try to do your best and get good grades to at least justify the money spent. But the thing is you have to start at first. And start intensively because if you don’t at the beginning, you won’t try later at all.

The start is important. The earlier you set yourself for studying, the easier it will be later. At first, you need to realize that this is not school anymore and that from now on everything matters. Your every word and every action define what will happen to you next.

When it comes to the very studies, you should find out about a subject as much as possible. Of course, a professor provides full information on classes, tests, exams, etc., but getting prepared beforehand won’t hurt. As a result, you will know the schedule and be able to manage your time appropriately. In case you forget something or do not understand, it would be better to ask than to think you might remember, but it would turn out to be wrong.

Speaking about a professor, a good working relationship with one might be helpful in future, after graduation, when you are going to take a new job. Everyone needs good references. Nevertheless, you want to be a great student, so a professor might provide you with some additional help.

Apart from the professor, keep up with your classmates and friends. You will definitely need their help as they visit the same courses and thus have important information. Sometimes it happens that you miss the beginning. If you come to the second or third lecture, do not even try to go back to the start. You only waste time. You should go on with what you get now to keep up.

Plan Beforehand

As we already mentioned — but didn’t emphasize — scheduling is important. And it’s not about studying actually. Planning helps you complete all tasks without delay. To-do lists informs what you have to finish today or this week. Do not make lists for a month. Long-term plans might end with nothing. For instance, this week you should write a report, the next week carry out a research. For that you make another to-do list with assignments for a day (find information, sort unnecessary one out etc.).

Never forget about the rest. There must be a couple of hours a day so that you can just relax and clear your mind. Of great importance is nutrition. Apart from healthy food, you should have meals at the same time every day. In a few days, your body gets used to eating at one time, studying and resting at another. It’s all about the balance.

Frankly speaking, there is no single way to combine life and study. Everyone does it their own way. And you can do yours. You just have to understand what you want to get from life and university in particular. Therefore, you will be able to make a plan and follow it until you reach what you want.