New SAT Essay Tips

A SAT essay is a perfect way to examine your reading, analyzing and writing skills. Fifty minutes is a rough time limit to write a great essay, so you need to get fully prepared. You can become more aware of all the pitfalls and nuances of a SAT essay with some advice. Below is the list of 7 tips on how to improve your score. Read them thoroughly and follow them in future to write a great essay.

Avoid Vague Thesis

One of the requirements towards your essay is a precise central claim. In other words, you need to work out the main idea of the passage and examine the ways the author supported the idea. Your thesis should be clear and concise. Luckily, there is a passage’s main idea in the very task of your essay. You just need to identify it.

Structure Matters

Writing an introduction paragraph is fundamental for your essay to get a 4/8 score. Actually, you state your thesis in the introduction, making it clear to the reader what you are going to talk about. Moreover, a good introduction helps to structure your whole piece of writing. Not to mention the fact that a thorough intro has a convincing effect from the very beginning. You’d better include a conclusion paragraph too. It will make your essay complete.

Expand Your Vocabulary

When you are getting ready for your SAT exam, you need to focus on enriching your vocabulary. Composing a good essay is impossible without an accurate vocabulary choice. Not only do you need to avoid repetition, but you should also remember about ‘appropriate’ word choice. Avoid slang words and colloquialisms.

Keep it Formal

Your SAT essay is actually an equivalent of a school paper. For this reason, remember about the use of academic ‘we’ and ‘us,’ not ‘I’ and ‘me.’ Again you can keep your writing formal by using an advanced vocabulary. However, be careful with the words so your essay does not sound nonsense with incoherent academic vocabulary.

Don’t Get Sidetracked From the Passage

You should develop only the idea presented in the passage. Avoid getting sidetracked by including some outside knowledge in your essay. Your aim is to analyze the given information in the passage according to the requirements.

Don’t Write About Everything and Nothing

As one of the aims of a SAT essay is to examine your analyzing skills, you need to show that you can pick the most important details in the argument. Focusing on a few points only makes it easier to thoroughly analyze the used methods and techniques. Plus your essay will be coherent, as you will not be jumping from one thing to another.

Stay Detached When Reading the Passage

The new SAT essay is mostly different than the old one as you do not need to choose sides. On the contrary, you need to be objective. It can be quite difficult. Especially if the text focuses on the topic you are passionate about. You need to learn how to analyze the devices used to support the argument, not to state whether it is good or bad.

One of the best ways to train your objectivity is to read opposite views on the topics you care about. Instead of arguing with an opinion, learn how to select main ideas, important details and the way they are presented.

Now it is high time to put your knowledge in practice. Get ready for your SAT essay, follow these pieces of advice and improve your score!