Rwanda’s Government Makes Education Council In Charge Of Student Loans And Bursaries

Members of Parliament of Rwanda has recently approved a plan according to which the Higher Education Council (HEC) would manage government loans and bursaries for students.

The amendments to the laws earlier proposed by the Government concerning the governing of the Rwanda Education Boards (REB) and HEC were evaluated by the lawmakers in the Lower House. They agreed to set the loans and bursaries management under the latter.

REB has currently been in charge of that since a merger of Student Financing Agency of Rwanda and other institutions in 2010, which formed Rwanda Education Board.

However, the Government decided to make an institution that is in charge of higher education responsible for students’ loans and bursaries.

The Government submitted an explanatory note, which says that the merger in 2010 obliged RED to manage bursaries and loans in higher education, although REB has nothing to do with the latter at all.

REB actually regulates nursery, primary and secondary education. Establishments of higher education are responsibiltiy of HEC.