Top 10 School Administration Software

It is much easier to follow schedules, record grading and control attendance with School Administration Software. All features are aimed at organizing the teaching process, but in fact, it makes planning less time-consuming. Here’s the overview of the top 10 School Administration Software ranked by users in terms of general features, convenience and customer service.


One of the most client-oriented software, as the company is constantly improving it basing on customers’ feedback. There are some truly convenient features like Students Records and Attendance Tracking. You can easily input grading or check it at any convenient time. Plus with Enrollment and Admissions Management it’s much easier to arrange the process of admitting students. With over 200,000 users RenWeb truly helps save your time.

Skyward School Management

It is more than just a program. It is a way to unite teachers, students and their parents. With innovative mobile apps (available for Android and iOS) you can schedule lessons and assess your students at any convenient time. No more overload with paperwork, when it is all simple with Skyward Software. You can engage parents in their children’s studies and together focus on making education better.

Blackbaud Independent School Management Software

If you are looking for software that broadens the concept of education, this is the one to try. From collecting assignments to grading to posting material, Blackbaud makes it so convenient to communicate and educate. With Parent Portal parents get engaged in the learning curve of their children, and it is simple using any device you want from a computer (Mac or Windows) to a mobile (iOS or Android).


Having 34 years of experience, SchoolLogic knows a lot about perfect management software. It stands out from other programs, as it is available for different institutions (private schools or school districts). It is not redundant with unnecessary features, focusing only on the main ones. What is more, with 150.000 users SchoolLogic is always client-oriented.


Easy-to-use software is designed specifically for higher education establishment. Modern students are demanding in terms of managing their time and being aware of their progress. This program will cover not only grading and attendance, but it will also be your personal adviser when it comes to transfer articulation and degree audit. With Ellucian students successfully manage their courses, and an institution improves its graduation rates.


Evolved from an attendance tracking program, Rediker became easy-to-use software helping to manage different students’ data, finances and even cafeteria. You can use this program on your computer or mobile. Rediker has significantly changed over years, becoming helpful software worldwide. It helps raise the educational process to a new level.


Cloud-based Software designed for school, college and university. Its features help change studying from ‘must’ to ‘want,’ as students can easily control their progress. They find it convenient to manage their time and communicate via Student Portal. With Classe365 modern education turns into a community of those who want to learn.


Designed by ACS Technologies, this software is perfect for teachers, students and parents. All important data can be tracked, added and changed anytime convenient for you. It is available for Windows, or you can download a mobile version (iOS or Android).


This software was specifically created for small institutions to manage data more effectively. This program is a perfect decision for small districts and private schools.


With this cloud-based software running any institution will be convenient and flexible. It is a perfect choice for teachers, students and their parents. Teachers can control grading and attendance. Students can easily track their progress and parents can get involved in the children’s studying process.