What Cities Attract Young College Graduates?

When you are young and ambitious, you are looking for a place where you can pave your way to promising future. Urban areas are increasing with the number of young well-educated residents coming for a better life. The cities that have reached the highest percentage of such residents include Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Ore., San Diego, Nashville.

More and more young people are moving from the suburbs to the hearts of the cities. Such cities like New Orleans and Pittsburgh have become new magnets that attract young residents, while Charlotte and Atlanta have lost their former popularity.

Young educated adults are looking for a place where they will have more opportunities than in the suburban areas. These people need cultural fun and crave for diversity. That is why moving to cities like New York or Washington is such a thrilling venture.

The fact that people aged 25-34 move even to economically troubled places like Buffalo and Cleveland gives hope for the future economic growth. According to the recent survey, Denver has a possibility to become one of the economic powerhouses of the future. Cities like Denver are aimed at attracting smart and talented young people, as that is the guarantee of a long-term success of the place.

Becoming a city with the highest rates of young residents, Denver has to thank its location and economic development policy. Lots of graduates who moved here say that they enjoy the balance of work and rest. There is a number of opportunities for tech specialists. It is also a good place for open-minded and easy-going people who would love to enjoy Denver’s sunshine and hiking the mountains.

Another thing that makes Denver a desired place to live is a start-up area. You can turn your idea into a thriving business here with less competitiveness than in Silicon Valley.

But for Denver, there’s a significant increase of young and well-educated residents in the following cities: Indianapolis, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Nashville, and Portland, Ore.

The process of moving doesn’t go well in all cities, though. The former magnet Atlanta is truly falling behind, as young and educated population has only increased 2,8 %, in comparison with Nashville 48%, for example. The situation is also far from being promising in Providence (young educated population rates increased by 6%) and Memphis (by 10%), while Detroit’s group lost about 10%.

With this migration trend the chances to improve economy and education truly increase. While the highest rates of young adults living in Washington and Philadelphia are quite predictable, Pittsburgh and Buffalo can be considered a surprise. However, this is their chance to gain a better reputation. It is a chain reaction. The more young educated adults come to the city, the more companies want to do their business there, and the more young smart people move there.

As Enrico Morretti, the author of ‘The New Geography of Jobs,’ believes, one job position taken by a college graduate helps to create five more positions like waiters, architects, doctors, carpenters and teachers. This is how the city grows economically and this is how it attracts more and more young educated residents.

As we have already said, when you are young and ambitious, you need to find a suitable place for you to live and prosper. That is why about a million of college graduates cross state lines in the USA each year. They are demanding for their future to be promising. So choose smart the city you want to build your life in.